Why should you invest in IT?

In the developed world, the last 35 years have been marked by a strong strengthening of the role of technology companies – those projects where a product or service is based on some know-how, expressed either in software code or device, and not just a scheme of selling something at an equilibrium price. Despite the

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IT project to offer?

Do you have any interesting project? We will be glad to help with its development, please write on our email invest@itrotella.com. Only IT projects will be considered.

New Antivirus Investment

We have bought a new Antivirus application with 2-3 users and now we are starting to develop it actively.

Why is it profitable to invest in IT ?

Information technology or IT is one of the most rapidly developing branches of human activity. In this regard, there is nothing surprising in the fact that many investors show no doubt that in this area of special interest. Each year is marked by the emergence of new investment funds, business incubators and various projects, the

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