Pozvonim – a simple service with great functions

Internet sales are one of the most common types of earnings. But not every owner of an online store can count on success, and many e-commerce sites are closed, and failing to attract buyers. It is not enough to attract a buyer – it is important to keep him on the site so that he can, how your product, promotions and special offers should be considered. If in the usual, then in the Internet markets is increasingly more difficult.

Pozvonim.com is an innovative service to attract and retain customers on your site. As practice shows, the use of the widget allows you to increase sales by 75%, or even by 150%. This is a special module that provides a connection between a sales manager and a customer, and also collects useful analytical data for you.

As soon as a visitor comes to your site, every action is analyzed. If a person wants to leave your resource, the system enters into a dialogue with it, and thus keeps it on the site. A simple form appears in front of the visitor, in which you need to record your phone number, and then wait for the call. It is absolutely free for the client, and no extra mouse clicks are needed.

After the call, the site owner has the opportunity to see the analytical data: where the client came from, whether you had one before, made an order, and also how your manager worked. You can even listen to the recording of the call.

Offer to leave a phone number may appear in front of the client:

– at the entrance to the site;

– when leaving the site;

– if a person cannot make a choice for a long time;

– in other cases, after analyzing the actions of the visitor.

The service does not earn on the cost of the call, only on the extended functionality of the paid version.

The advantages of Pozvonim.com are obvious:

– the service is very fast;

– the manager can contact the client after 23 seconds;

– the widget is installed simply, it does not even need a programmer;

– module increases sales;

– the number of calls on the first day of installation doubles.